2014 - February Transport Economic Operation Analysis Report

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  A quarter of this year, the continuation of macro-economic trends since the fourth quarter of last year, PMI continued to decline since last December, by the Spring Festival in February CPI rose factors hit 13-month low, PPI continued to decline year on year, total imports and exports declined. Transport run basically stable overall, including passenger and freight transportation and production steady slowing, smooth production start port, investment is growing rapidly.
A passenger growth continued to slow.
1--2 months, the whole society (railway, highway, waterway, the same below) passenger traffic, passenger turnover was 7.03 billion and 558.6 billion person-kilometers, an increase of 4.9% and 4.0% growth rate down 1.0 over last year points and 2.4 percentage points. Various modes of transport passenger traffic growth slowed in varying degrees, of which, the railway passenger traffic volume increased by 6.8%, down 3.2 percentage points, the lowest level in close to last year; road passenger traffic growth of 4.8%, down 0.9 percentage points, continuing last year's fourth the growth level since the quarter; waterway passenger traffic growth of 0.9%, down 0.4 percentage points.Second, the freight growth has declined, railway reproduce negative growth.
  1--2 months, the whole society completed 6.82 billion tons of cargo, cargo turnover 2.8012 trillion tons km, an increase of 7.4% and 4.2%, respectively, the growth rate down 2.2 and 2.7 percentage points over last year, of which cargo growth since last year It continued to drop since October.
  Sub-modes of transport, the railway, highway and waterway freight transport growth are different degrees of decline, rail freight traffic volume fell by 3.4%, and the re-emergence of negative growth in the realization of positive last July from the main cargo type, coal delivery volume to achieve a slight increase of 0.5%, grain, metal ores, iron and steel, non-metallic ore delivery volume decreased by 13.0%, 14.1%, 5.2% and 20.2%; road freight traffic increased by 9.0%, compared with last year dropped 2.0 percentage points; waterway Freight It grew 6.4%, down 3.4 percentage points.
Fourth, transport prices overall fell.
  Ushered in the traditional off-season in the first quarter shipping, the Baltic Dry Freight Index (BDI) 2 月份 mean fell 22.6 percent last month; the Baltic crude oil freight index (BDTI) by volume declined significantly impact the average February last month fell 29.6%; China coastal (bulk) freight index in February fell 6.0% average of the previous month; improved external demand pull, China Containerized Freight Index (CCFI) mean rose slightly last month 1.4%. Yiwu road freight price index in February fell 0.32% last month.




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