Special steel to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people "coup"

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         In the current downturn in the steel market, steel prices continued to decline in the situation, in order to make good use of incentive grant incentives, better play to intelligence and technical personnel, Bengang special steel after repeated demonstration, to take the selection of project establishment of research and allowances In conjunction with this work, "coup", and achieved remarkable results. After the pre-depth research, combined with actual production and operation, the plant developed a "technical research management assessment approach" and "technical research quantitative assessment rules," and appear on the annual quality, equipment problems caused by grass-roots level reporting, assessment team review after the assessment is determined to collect project library, the implementation of dynamic management of the project library.At the same time, the technical staff combined with the job and the actual situation of technical capabilities were project application, reporting a monthly summary of research, reporting indicators for the completion and practical problems encountered by the relevant units to solve the problem in time to help organize and coordinate. According to the assessment review group management evaluation, technical evaluation, effect evaluation three quarterly situation assessment of the project to promote, supervise and promote the completion of the project, the problems in the implementation process to give technical guidance and assistance. At the end of the completion of the project, it is important degree concluding acceptance, determine the grade, quantify Fufen, ask questions. After finishing the questions submitted by the Ministry of Lands and evaluation group agreed to act as defense issues, to avoid arbitrariness mentioned reply during question. Project people want to answer questions raised against, and project review group Fufen person projects and guidance for future work situation according to reply.

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